Inspired by both real and imagined images of Iraq from the past and present, Thunderstruck, the title of the exhibition, is taken from the AC/DC song American soldiers played whilst bombing in the Iraq War. The titles of the works are drawn from both names of specific battles, and from heavy metal songs that were played during the raids on Iraq.

In this series Golden explores a complex array of themes, including notions of the “Other”, the “Exotic” and “Orientalism”. Here Golden harks back to Delacroix’s use of photography and painting to describe cultures foreign to him. Her work is also concerned with our current crises: Climate Change and the complex aspects of man vs man and man vs nature.

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Golden’s stunning watercolours, moody in a way watercolours rarely are, incorporate stills from the orientalist fantasia that is ‘The Thief of Bagdad’ with images from the bombing of Iraq in the early 2000s, as well as flowers that bloom at night and which are primarily propagated by bats.

Akhil Sharma (2017). 'Introduction', Thunderstruck Catalogue